Top 2D CAD Software that are Free and Simple Online

2D CAD is a Computer-aided design application that is used for the creation of 2D drawings of parts and assemblies, floor plans and for a variety of other purposes for industries ranging from manufacturing to construction and beyond. 2D CAD may also be general-purpose with comprehensive tools or professional tools designed for specific industries [...]

Collaborative Mode in GstarCAD – Unlocking Efficiency

Putting CAD-based software into the productivity and collaboration contexts is an inevitable tendency among the CAD designers. Engineers, architects, and designers more often than not work in teams for a successful design process to be achieved. Therefore, communication and integration from design to the end products play a big role in the whole design [...]

ATTENTION! AUTODESK in your contry actively checks the illegal use of software!

Recently, we, as a CAD provider, have been approached by more and more customers who have faced threats or lawsuits for compensation from the AUTODESK company, mainly due to illegal use of the software. Many users are also receiving official notifications, read more here. As an authorized distributor of various CAD / BIM software, we [...]

GstarCAD for Architects: Tailoring CAD Solutions to Design Needs

GstarCAD is a widely-used CAD software that is recognized as a popular AUTOCAD alternative. It is commonly utilized by technicians, engineers, and drafters. For further information, please visit our Blog website. GstarCAD is ofcourse also utilized by architects globally. GstarCAD can function independently as a standalone software, or in conjunction with plugins or alongside other [...]

Looking for a SolidWorks alternative? Consider IronCAD.

The SolidWorks Alternative: Revolutionize Your Design Workflow with IronCAD In the CAD/CAM software area for a long time, SolidWorks has been the indisputable leader among those who need software with the full package of functions and the highest precision. However, in today's fast-paced world, there's a rising contender that offers a compelling SolidWorks alternative, it is [...]

Which GstarCAD license is right for you? A complete Guide for new users

Most new and future users frequently question which GstarCAD license would be most suitable for their needs. The choice of version and licensing is primarily influenced by the nature of the work, workload, number of staff, computer resources, and budget constraints. Thankfully, GstarCAD offers a variety of licensing options to cater to different requirements. [...]

What is NanoCAD?

NanoCAD is a CAD software appreciated due to its 2D and 3D Drawing functionality. Addressing the demands of an engineer, an architect or a designer, nanoCAD plays a key role in the production of professional drawings and models. The software is complete by all the features in it which include the tools for 2D drawing, such [...]

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