The GstarCAD add-on that allows you to import PDFs is like DXF and DWG files!

This additional feature improves the usability of CAD programs by allowing users to convert Adobe PDF files to .dxf directly in GstarCAD.

The PDF2DXF add-on is located in GstarCAD on the Express Tools tab.


Conversion from PDF to DWG / DXF

PDF2DXF is a complete feature developed by Visual Integrity for users who often need to convert PDF vector CAD images to a .dxf format that can be opened and edited in GstarCAD. Once the file is opened in GstarCAD applications, it can be easily saved as a .dwg file.

All types of CAD entities such as texts, diagrams, images, etc. can be extracted correctly with great precision and without defects. For raster PDF files, the function also allows the generation of an accurate image that can be used as a tracking layer in the target application such as e.g. GIS mapping. In addition, the user can add an integrated batch mode and easily and quickly convert multiple PDF files simultaneously to .dxf format

In addition to the powerful features and high efficiency of GstarCAD* software, users can use the PDF2DXF add – on to extend the scope of GstarCAD applications. PDF2DXF contributes to design and drawing convenience and flexibility.

PDF2DXF is an integrated add-on and no additional files need to be installed. Located on the Express Tools tab, when you run the PDF2DXF function, a window opens in which you enter the serial number.

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