Top 2D CAD Software that are Free and Simple Online

2D CAD is a Computer-aided design application that is used for the creation of 2D drawings of parts and assemblies, floor plans and for a variety of other purposes for industries ranging from manufacturing to construction and beyond.

2D CAD may also be general-purpose with comprehensive tools or professional tools designed for specific industries to further enhance the design process and specificity. However, with the recent development of technology and designers desire to have more effective tools at hand, more and more users are attracted to online 2D CAD software.

Online 2D CAD Software

Web-based applications have been used for ages to assist users in different fields. The same thing happens in the CAD industry – now time has also altered CAD users needs and the method in which CAD software is used. The trend of CAD moving online and the potential customers is rising.

Online 2D CAD software is a web based CAD solution that provides users with a way to create, view, edit, and markup 2D drawings using a web browser. There are numerous benefits associated with the use of online 2D CAD software as compared to traditional ones and that explains why an increasing number of CAD users are opting for the online 2D CAD software.


2D CAD is more flexible in the use of online web-based software. Download a software package and installing the software on a computer and then run the software when you want to use the software. That how traditional 2D CAD software operates like many other software that you run on your computer. The software occupies some of the computer memory and users cannot access the software on computers that have not installed the software except that they first install it.

The advantages in 2D CAD software are that it is very flexible in many ways since you can use it on any computer at any time and in any place as long as there is a web browser and internet connection. We need to look at the system requirements when we download and install traditional software so that we can check if the software is compatible with the computer but this is not a problem with online 2D CAD software because it is installed on a web browser.

No Update Hassles

One of the big problems for users is that software must be upgraded sometimes to have some innovations. Online 2D CAD software is not needed to be updated because it is a web application based on a web browser and this helps you save the money on the maintenance and also avoid the problems related to updating.


The CAD users also used to purchase high-end professional computers or computer workstations in order to achieve a smooth run of a traditional CAD software which is rather expensive. The cost of Web-based applications is lower because online 2D CAD software is created for web browsers and users have no difficulties in working with it and using it at an inexpensive price.

What are the available Online 2D CAD solutions?

Thus, online 2D CAD software also has some positive aspects, such as the high level of convenience and ease of use. Project files are located in the cloud and managed through a browser at any time and any place. The online 2D CAD service providers exist for both office and home use as well as for novice and demanding users. Here is a brief overview of the main characteristics you should pay attention to when trying to find the best online 2D CAD solution for your task.

Free VS Paid

Free or paid 2D CAD online solutions? This could be your question for a while. That depends on the requirements of the user. If there’s a free software that will be able to meet your design needs why not save money. The fact is that if paid software has more features and tools that can help you design better and save you time – paid software may suit you better.

If after reading this blog post, you still have difficulty choosing between Free CAD VS Paid CAD, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safe Cloud

Cloud-based 2D CAD software is not downloaded on the computers but it is hosted online where the cloud providers will have to ensure that the best practices that are used to protect data on the cloud are adhered to. This is one of the things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for online services.

Displaying Quality

It is therefore important for online 2D CAD applications to be equally as effective in displaying quality as the traditional ones in order to allow the users to see drawing details as they should

Comparison of 2D CAD features and functionalities available in online systems

There are several key elements that have to be present in an online 2D CAD application. DWG FastView for web is another one of the popular online 2d CAD drawing viewer that enables it’s users to view and share 2D CAD drawings and 3D models in web browsers without any software installation. In this article, we will outline some of the main features that make it a unique online CAD viewer.

Simple web-based visualisation of 2D/3D CAD documents

It is helpful in supporting the opening of 2D/3D files directly on the browser with no need to download or install while users can always use the latest version to view drawings.

Cross-platform Flexibility

The files of the project are stored in the cloud with the help of which the user can access it through the browser, mobile phone or computer at any place and at any time – share or exchange the drawings in a convenient, effective and safe manner.

Simple Plotting and output

Multiple dimensions and measurement. Export . the dwg format to PDF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats.

Efficient and versatile

It has useful options like layer management, magnifier, and social sharing, that you can decide to use.

Direct length and area measurement meets the basic standard. The simplicity of the interface of DWG FastView is one of the main advantages – drawing and editing tools and CAD commands are not overloaded with unnecessary features and are easily grouped in lines. It is easy to see that the software can be used in a wide variety of industries and situations.

Easy to use and easy system to understand

Online 2D CAD software is also simple as well as easy to use – you just need to edit, create and view CAD drawings in the same way as you use traditional 2D CAD software but the only difference is that users can access online 2D CAD software via web browser on any computer anytime and anywhere while users can only access a typical 2D CAD software on a computer if the software is installed on it.

Increased sharing and Improved teamwork

Copy link to share, send to group or email to team members.

It is through the cloud that the power can be harnessed.

Cloud backup for sharing or ensuring safe storage of data without loss. It is possible to open the drawings in the private cloud to maintain confidentiality and security.


To put it simply, online 2D CAD software has many advantages over traditional 2D CAD software programs and is increasingly being used as a tool that is both convenient and easy to use and has other edges over its traditional counterparts.

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