Tired of working with an old, slow and incompatible CAD software? Now is the right time to choose a new software with excellent pergormance and get up to 50% discount on a simple ”old for new” replacement.

Do you have an old AutoCAD software that you can no longer use due to lack of funcionality, incompatibility with new Windows environment or due to high rental prices?

All you have to do is send us a confirmation of purchase or lease, and in return you receive a voucher or discount on the purchase of new modern CAD/BIM software.

We are offering the following combinations:

  1. Replace AutoCAD LT with GstarCAD Standard 2D
  2. Replace AutoCAD with GstarCAD Professional 2D/3D
  3. Replace AutoCAD of any type for GstarCAD Architecture 2D/3D
  4. Replace AutoCAD of any type for GstarCAD Mechanical
  5. Replace other third-party CAD software for GstarCAD Professional 2D/3D or GstarCAD Architecture

What is the ”old for new” promotion?

Old for new is a new promotion that allows you to replace your old CAD software with any new CAD or BIM software.

Do you have an old CAD software that you do not use? Do you want to always have and updated version of your favorite software?

You simply stop using the old CAD software, and we will take care of choosing a new program that you can then use without any worries with maintenance included.

Promotion procedure

For old software, ie AutoCAD or some other CAD or BIM program, take with you or send to our email a copy of the invoice or a screenshow where it is visible that you bought or rented the program. Our CAD/BIM consultant will perform an authentication and assess the value of your old program and you will receive a discount voucher for purchase. If you decide to buy a new software, you can pay it with a voucher and pay any difference in price yourself.


 What programs do we consider inside this promotion?

We’re taking into account all current and outdated software packages based on CAD or BIM technology that also support .dwg or .ifc format.

 What can I buy in this promotion?  

You can choose any CAD or BIM program, and from our experience, customers most often decide to replace AutoCAD with GstarCAD where the discount is most noticeable. You can also choose several other products, and their amount may be above the estimated value, but you can play the difference in value by yourself.

What about replacing the old software for cash?

Unfortunately, a cash exchange is not possible. The purchase of a new program, or more of them, must be performed on the same day.

Does the obtained amount/voucher have to be used in full?

Yes, the amount must be spent in full. If you choose a cheaper program, we cannot pay you the difference in price.

What should be taken into account before evaluating the program?  

You must be the owner of the software, the program must be in your name (invoice or online certificate) and must not be borrowed or ”stolen”. If there is a suspicion that you are not the owner of the program, we cannot offer you the service.

Can the estimated value be combined with current promotions?

Of course. The estimated value is consideres as an additional discount that can then be combined with existing discounts.

 Does the old software remain in my possession?

Yes. Keep your program, and with the used discount obtain yourself a new program at a better price.

Try out the new CAD software!

Watch a short presentation of the GstarCAD software!

If you are looking for modern and powerful software at an affordable price, try the new version of GstarCAD. Of course, you take advantage of the ‘old for new’ promotion if you already own an older CAD program.