Spatial Manager 8 has been released and it includes a large functionality increase and many new features and improvements. In this newsletter we detail some of them in order to provide you with information of interest about this release.


  • Some features can only be found in the Standard or Professional editions, and some of them only apply to CAD versions (May not be available in older AutoCAD, BricsCAD or GstarCAD versions)
  • The pictures and videos in this newsletter are recorded using pre-release application builds, so some changes, extensions or improvements may be included in the final version
  • Below you will find the links to download Spatial Manager 8


What is new in Spatial Manager 8?

Thematic Maps Video preview

    • Visualization in different Colors according to the values of the Data Fields
    • Different types of thematic (categorized, graduated, etc.)
    • Auto-generation of values or ranges. Add, delete or edit values or ranges
    • Dynamic color ramps (palettes, gradients, etc.)
    • Temporary or permanent visualization
    • Dynamic update when changing the values of the theme field
    • Option to add Hatches for closed objects
    • Support for several simultaneous themes
    • Thematic management in the new application Explorer

Direct Geo-coding Video preview

    • Insertion in a drawing or map of lists of postal addresses as Points
    • Selection and field sorting when composing addresses to be searched for
    • Multiple geo-coding servers (Bing, Google, OpenStreetMap)
    • Export of geo-coded results in CSV format

Reverse Geo-coding Video preview

    • Collection of Postal Addresses of objects in the drawing or map
    • Automatic geo-coding calculation for non-point objects (centroids, etc.)
    • Multiple geo-coding servers (Bing, Google, OpenStreetMap)
    • Creation of postal address tables in the drawing or map
    • Export of geo-coded results in CSV format

Fields value Calculator Video preview

    • Powerful tool for operations between values in Data Fields
    • Mathematical, date, logical, geometric, etc. operators and functions
    • Single or chained operations
    • Results on new or existing fields on any table of the drawing or map
    • Results preview

New ‘Spatial Manager‘ Explorer 

    • Management of Thematics, contextual access to functions, etc.

AutoCAD Map Object Data Reading Video preview

    • Conversion of AutoCAD Map Object Data Tables to SPM Tables
    • Supports conversion of multiple tables in one go
    • Optional deletion of AutoCAD Map tables when converting

Possibility to Attach several data Tables to any object Video preview

More 3D object types when Exporting to Google Earth KML/KMZ Video preview

    • 3D Faces, 3D Solids, Meshes, etc.

New ‘ESRI Geodatabase File’ (GDB) data provider Video preview

Other news

    • Google geolocation is added to the Search for Locations function
    • New global configuration of geographic service provider Keys, applicable in Background Map servers, Geo-coding services, etc.
    • Added write capability to the GeoJSON file data provider
    • New functions added for the application’s Lisp API: Set the value of a data Field, Get the value of a data Field and Attach a data Table to an Object
    • Improved compatibility with PostGIS servers v10 and higher
    • Improvements in the Licensing system. In addition to other advantages, the following are included: License activation/deactivation via QR code, simplified the activation process for Updates/Support Extension Licenses and a Network License seat is now not reserved until the application is used
    • The necessary parameters are added to be able to define a network domain when configuring a Proxy server. It is also possible to use Windows authentication when configuring a Proxy server
    • Ordnance Survey Background Maps updated
    • New custom Coordinate System transformations have been defined and EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to the latest available version

We hope that the new features and improvements included in this release will help you in all your works and projects related to spatial information, maps or land management. As always, we are at your disposal to answer any technical or commercial questions about the ‘Spatial Manager‘ products.

Spatial Manager Free Download

Here you can download your free Trial version of Spatial Manager: