If you are a CAD user you can still cooperate with BIM users. It is possible to transfer models from CAD to BIM software via DWG or IFC files. It is very useful when you are able to send an IFC (3D model) file from you CAD software to an user who uses BIM software.

From CAD to BIM with GstarCAD

GstarCAD offers import and export of IFC files. GstarCAD is that way compatible with various BIM software via IFC file. IFC is an open file format used to exchange BIM models between disciplines designing with different software.

So far, recently it has been possible to communicate between CAD and BIM programs only by using DWG and DXF files (read more about that here). But lately CAD software like GstarCAD is developing Import / Export IFC functionality (it works since version 2020 but it is still in Beta stage).

IFC compatibility of your CAD software is very important, it gives you new possibilities to design, improve communication with others, allows you to participate in BIM projects, etc.

Check out our new video demonstrating how to use IFC import /export functionality in GstarCAD Software:

CAD to BIM example

In the video above, we demonstrated how to use GstarCAD along with a BIM  software. In this case we used STRAKON software which is used for structural design, namely for Reinforced Concrete structures. Read more about STRAKON here.

Idea is that architect can send his model (in IFC format) to his structural designer, who continues with reinforcement and formwork drawings, or vice versa. Similarly we can use GstarCAD with ArchiCAD, Revit etc.

Contact us for more information if you would like know more about CAD to BIM workflow. Be sure also to try out GstarCAD free Trial!