The GstarCAD our best CAD Software is developing rapidly, and its popularity is growing in Europe and elsewhere in the world. In case you have older software, it is recommended to read this article.

Do you have an older version of GstarCAD from 2018, 2017, or even 2016?

Having trouble opening newer DWG files?

Missing some of the newer features?

Do you want an faster and more stable bug-free program?


If you answered “YES” then you would be interested in upgrading to an older version to new GstarCAD 2021 as now is the right time. We currently have a promotion on upgrading old software, it is always recommended to consider ordering the service.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons to upgrade your CAD Software. There has been great progress in recent years.


1 Speed and stability CAD program

High performance, stability, and speed play an important role for CAD Software. Using common functions such as “Open”, “QSAVE”, “PLOT”, “CLIP”, “TRIM”, “PASTE”, “MOVE”, “DYNAMIC SELECTION” and others is significantly faster than other CAD Softwares. Large files open even faster, moving is even smoother without any lagging, which is something most the important factor when using a CAD Software.

Obviously, GstarCAD 2021 is faster than other CAD Softwares in opening and executing the ZOOM, MOVE, SAVE, COPY command. And it works extremely well when executing the COPY TO CLIPBOARD command. Our CAD Software has high performance regardless of file size when it comes to small drawings smaller than 10Mb or large drawings larger than 100Mb. Compared to other CAD Softwares, it has lower memory consumption, this can be seen in the Windows Task Manager application.


2 The best CAD Price

GstarCAD is available as a perpetual or rentable license. The CAD price is much lower than for competing CAD Software, we have already done some analysis on this topic. GstarCAD has also possibilty of adding the 365 Subscription AutoRenewal service, where you receive an upgrade, other updates, and our technical support for a fair annual price. Our team is very responsive and successful in case of solving your issues with CAD Software.


3 Perfect compatibility with other CAD / BIM Softwares

GstarCAD is constantly improving its compatibility with other CAD Software. From formats, interface, command structure, user habits to customization settings and applications / add-ons. GstarCAD 2021 was always famous for high compatibility with AutoCAD and other CAD Softwares. In case you have an old version of CAD Software you probably miss the latest DWG format 2018, have problems with opening new DWG file. By having an updated new CAD Software you can open and save projects in newer DWG formats.

Compatibility with AutoCAD is also demonstrated by file support; DWT, DWS, LISP, LSP, MNU, CUI, CUIX, DST, PAT, SHX, LIN, SAT, 3DS, DST, WMF, STL, EMF, DGN, DWF, VLX, VBA, PDF, and more.

GstarCAD is also compatible with BIM Softwares. Thanks to supported IFC files, we can import 3D models from BIM programs such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, ARCHline, etc. This allows you to work with companies and associates who use BIM Softwares.

At AdriaBIM, which is powered by Company e-DISTI have a wide range of Softwares for Engineers and Technicians, the best BIM Softwares for the fields of construction, architecture and geodesy, affordable for a fair price.


4 Improved CAD to PDF Import / Export and Plotting

A new version of CAD Software like GstarCAD 2021 allows you to edit PDF files directly in a CAD Software and it can convert a PDF file to a line drawing. In addition to editing an imported PDF file directly in a CAD Software , you can still use PDFs as a draft for your drawings.

In new versions, the Bugs that were discovered are always fixed.

In GstarCAD 2021 new plotting options have been added. Now we can change the display properties such as shading, transparency, etc. when printing.


5 Collaboration in CAD Software

GstarCAD is CAD Software that supports Collaborative Design allow multiple people to design one project at once. Designers can be from one or different companies or departments. This way designers are able to keep up with the changes and can revert to any previous version of the project. With one click, you can find a specific design change, which ensures the quality and accuracy of the project. Collaborative Design is available free of charge to all users of GstarCAD 2019 and later. Watch a short clip.

The biggest advantage of Collaboration is that we make things easier, as there is no need to share and send DWG files, and there is increased control over changes. One of the biggest benefits of Collaboration is improving productivity and efficiency by providing real-time communication between project team members, which facilitates communication and reduces errors.

This solution has also proven to be a very important link for working from home, which we have unfortunately experienced this year due to circumstances around the world.

6 New CAD features and improved existing tools

Since GstarCAD 2018 version, there are some new features and tools:

– An even better User Interface with a new looks and new toolbars
– Cutting plane with which you can cut individual elements and 3D models
– Inventories and tables, for inventory of materials and quantity of material
– Communication with Excel spreadsheets
– Array functions for multiplying elements
– Attribute synchronization
– Improved dynamic blocks
– New copying options such as increment copying
– Improved 3D graphics and visualization
– More flexible modeling in a 3D environment
– Preview commands when drawing and using commands such as Extend, Trim.

Want to try out the new GstarCAD? Download the 30-day demo version from our site and contact us in case of any questions.