A new update Service Pack 1 (SP1) is available for GstarCAD 2022! This time, 85 bugs have been eliminated and fixed.

The latest version of GstarCAD 2022 – SP1

We are grateful to all users around the world who participated and reported bugs that appeared in the current version of GstarCAD.

GstarCAD usually issues fixes twice a year, in the form of a Service Pack.

You can download GstarCAD 2022 SP1 from our website in the ‘DEMO download’ section, which we update regularly. Namely, we replace every old version with an updated one.

All users who download the demo version of the program from our site will have the latest version of GstarCAD.

Users of the previous version can download the new SP1 file and select ‘Modify’ when running the file. The program will then be updated to SP1 or Build 220303.

The latest version of GstarCAD 2022 – SP1

To check if your GstarCAD is up to date, run the program and open the menu Help -> About.

Your current version will be displayed. If you have Build 220303, you have successfully updated your GstarCAD 2022.

The latest version of GstarCAD 2022 – SP1

What does GstarCAD 2022 SP1 bring?

GstarCAD 2022 SP1 has some new features such as Lisp Debugger, LINESMOOTHING i Autofill – auto-fill spreadsheets to make customization even more practical.

Improving the abaility to open and save drawings and display shadows will save you a lot of time. The performance of the Layer lock and the Quick properties tab ha salso been improved.

SP1 has many new features and improvements:


The Autofill feature allows you to automatically create incremental data by dragging the loading bar, as well as automatically copying the selected content in the same way.

List Debugger

In GstarCAD 2022 SP1, you can run the VLISP or VLIDE command to run Visual Studio code as a ‘Lisp debugger’, where you can easily open, edit and debug Lisp applications.


The new LINESMOOTHING system varibale improves the display quality of 2D objects. The edges of lines and curved lines are displayed smoother if the value is set to 1 (to turn off the function, select parameter 0).

Hidden Shade Plot

In GstarCAD 2022 SP1, the DISPSILH system variable controls the display of 3D silhouettes of solid and surgace objects in Wireframe or 2D Wireframe visual styles when a hidden shade plot is used. Also the speed of the hidden shady surface is significantly increased.


The screen after adjusting the amount of glare for objects on locked layers has been greatly improved, making the program more compatible with the main CAD software.

Performance of Opening and Saving drawings

In GstarCAD 2022 SP1, the speed of opening and saving drawings increases by about 10% and 16%, especially large drawings.

Quick Properties

U GstarCAD 2022 SP1, custom dynamic block properties can be displayed in the Quick Properties palette, and their values can also be changed in the Quick Properties palette.