New version 7 of ‘Spatial Manager’ has been released and it comes full of new functions and improvements, that will allow you to be much more productive in the development of any project, analysis or work related to territorial and geographic information. We invite you to take a look at this blog entry and the related video in order to learn at a glance about the possibilities of the new Street View palette, the advanced tools for GIS and object selection, and many other interesting features
New release of Spatial Manager 7 for GstarCAD
New features and improvements:
New release of Spatial Manager 7 for GstarCAD
  • Street View – New AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD/GstarCAD palette for displaying (and navigate) dynamic Google Street View images on any drawing/map

New release of Spatial Manager 7 for GstarCAD

  • GIS analysis tools – Advanced geometric and data operations for creating new objects from analysis processes. Buffer, Overlay (Intersect, Union, Erase, Identity, Clip, Paste or Symmetric Difference), Dissolve, Centroids and Areas of Influence
  • Spatial Query Selection – Advanced object selection system based on geometric and data operations between existing object groups (Intersect, Touches, Within, Contains, Disjoint, Overlaps or Crosses)
  • Object Labeling – Texts based on objects data
Take a look at the application Changelogs in order to review the complete list of News, Improvements and Fixes in this version:


Spatial Manager v.7 download links: