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Efficient design of electrical installations

CADProfi Electrical

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CADProfi Electrical


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CADProfi Electrical

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CADProfi Electrical

CADprofi Electrical

CADprofi Electrical is a parametric CAD add-on that upgrades your workflow and is designed to design electrical installations, sprinklers, communication and control systems.

With this module you can design high voltage and low voltage installations, telecommunications, antennas and security systems. The program contains thousands of symbols and blocks (switchboards, lights, switches, etc.) that comply with the latest standards. CADprofi Electrical also allows you to draw cables and cable trays in an easy and fast way. The most useful are functions such as circuit numbering and circuit generation.

Please note that CADprofi is not a standalone program and works as an extension, ie an add-on based on CAD programs such as GstarCAD, AutoCAD and BricsCAD. If you don’t have a CAD program, try GstarCAD Standard or GstarCAD Professional, which is a cheap and best replacement for AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT.



  • Extensive library of electrical and industrial automation installations.
  • Automatic planning of wire channels and routes.
  • Electrical components, switches, lights and more.
  • Fast numbering of electrical circuits.
  • Products and equipment from leading manufacturers (Legrand, Cablofil, Zucchini and others).
  • Quick work using symbols and objects with one click.
  • Automatic Numbering Wizard.
  • Custom made (elements, drawing environment, symbols, etc.).
  • Automatic bill of materials generation; BIM can be printed or exported in various formats, including pdf, rft (doc), xls, xml, csv, etc.
  • Automatic generation of legends for various symbols.
  • A library of equipment from many leading manufacturers.
  • Metric and inch units.
  • Online updates.
CADProfi Electrical


A program that develops according to your requirements

The CADprofi Electrical module already includes the CAD library CP-Symbols Electrical, so it does not have to be ordered separately. In case you do not need the whole module, you can purchase the CP-Symbols Electrical CAD library separately.

If you need CAD libraries or accessories for several different areas (architecture, electrical engineering, HVAC, mechanical installations) you can order CAD libraries CP Symbols or CADprofi add-on as a complete package, covering all 4 modules for all areas in 1 package, saving 50%.

CADprofi Electrical

Module for one area

  • Single User License, Unlimited Full Version;
  • Optional network license – extra charge
  • Optional license maintenance
  • Fast delivery
  • CAD library CP Symbols Architectural included

CP symbols Electrical

As part of CADprofi Electrical or as a library separately

  • Single User License, Unlimited Full Version;
  • Delivery by download

CADprofi Suite (4 v 1)

All 4 modules

  • Single User License, Unlimited Full Version;
  • Optional network license – extra charge
  • Optional license maintenance
  • Fast delivery
  • CAD library CP Symbols Suite included

CP Symbols Suite (4 v 1)

As part of CADprofi Suite or as a library separately

  • Single User License, Unlimited Full Version;
  • Delivery by download
Comparison of software packages
CADProfi Electrical


CADProfi Electrical


CADProfi Electrical


CADProfi Electrical


Test version
IEC library, NFPA symbols
Symbol library for floor plans
Symbol library for schemes
Library for Lights
Block diagrams and organizational charts
Multilingual interface
Tags and inventories
Free annual package with additional benefits
CP-Symbols Mechanical
CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping
CP-Symbols Electrical
Data management and inventory functions
Editing schemes
Drawing lines in ''single line scheme''
Draft frames with heads for electrical designs
Extended library of IEC symbols
Marking of circuits (determination)
Brightness calculation with DIALux program
Modular devices
PLC controllers
Configuration with parametric technology
Automatic design with one-click technology
Risanje električnih povezav in kablov
Drawing electrical connections and cables
Automatic connection of cable trays and ladders
Lightning rods
Own database expansion
Describing and documenting tools
Additional editing commands
Access to manufacturer libraries
CADprofi Mechanical
CADprofi HVAC & Piping
CADprofi Electrical
Testna verzija


The manual describes the functionality of all 4 modules (Architectural, Electrical, HVAC & Piping, Mechanical). The chapter on the Electrical module can be found on pages 227-297.


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12 x video tutorials

Access CADprofi Electrical video tutorials.

Video tutorials are organized on the YouTube playlist and show you how you can effectively design with the CADprofi plugin.


CADProfi Electrical

CADprofi Suite (4 in 1)

4 modules in one package

CADprofi Suite contains all four modules (Architectural, Electrical, HVAC & Piping, Mechanical) for the price of two. Each CADprofi module already contains the corresponding CP Symbols library.

CADProfi Electrical