GstarCAD has a supported Artisan program that helps us create photorealistic images and visualizations. Artisan is known worldwide as a great rendering solution for CAD designers who want to quickly and easily create quality and photorealistic images. It is a great choice for all designers who want the best rendering performance, innovative features and exceptional capabilities of GstarCAD combined with Artisan.

The app is very easy to use and allows users to instantly create photorealistic displays and visualize 3D projects in a GstarCAD environment. The powerful combination of Artisan and GstarCAD not only facilitateS rendering with an intuitive user interface, but also offerS a wide range of preset materials, backgrounds and lighting for CAD designers.

Creating real-time visualizations has never been so easy, the user interface is so intuitive that even a novice designer will find it easy to use. With Artisan integrated as a rendering engine, the collaborative DWG-based GstarCAD 2022 design allows users to instantly create realistic visualizations of all 3D projects, improving work efficiency and shortening worktime.

More importantly, there is a library that is constantly updated and users can share their materials as they wish. The app also allows for precise positioning of the scene according to the designer’s intent.